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Get Paid Monthly By Being A Small Business Consultant

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A common question people ask nowadays is what kind of business would be good to start given their limited finances. While many may think that selling something offline or online is the easiest way to make money, you’ll need to invest in beginning inventory to make some profit. On the other hand, providing a service has always been the fastest way to earn money which is why there has been a rise in small business consulting ventures.

Why small business consulting?

No license or certification required

Unlike other trades and professions, you won’t need prior certification or a license to hold yourself out as a consultant. There is no special training or courses required, although any previous experience can be the basis of your consulting skills.

Easy capitalization

You’ll only need minimal capital for small office equipment that you may already have at home and you won’t have lease expenses because you can work from home.

Prepaid and recurring income

Typical consulting arrangements are on monthly terms and the consultant’s fees are prepaid. You not only get paid before you start working but you also enjoy continuous income for as long as you are needed.

Who are your clients?

Online businesses

The Internet has attracted tech savvy users who evolved into online business owners. These Internet entrepreneurs are usually younger than the traditional bricks and mortar owners and will need the services of specialists for the non-technical aspects of their business like bookkeeping, offline marketing and promotions.

Offline establishments

Conversely, offline businesses and professionals who operate outside of the Internet will need someone to create Internet marketing strategies for their business needs. They need not go online or have a website to be able to use your consultancy if you recommend email marketing to create awareness of their products and services.


Consultants may need the help of fellow consultants when they take on huge projects that require them to work in teams or when portions of their projects require special skills that they are unable to provide. This is another reason why you should actively participate in events involving people in the same industry. The linkages you make with other consultants can provide more business opportunities for you.

Getting started is easy because of the reasons already mentioned but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn new technique sand invest in better systems and tools for your business along the way. Just like any other venture, there’s a lot of competition in small business consulting so you’ll have to keep innovating and improving your services to stay afloat.

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6 Vital Parts About Moves You Must Know!

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This time you got ample amount of time to prepare for the upcoming move. Yes! You are relocating from your residence in Srinagar to settle down in the city of dreams, Mumbai. For that, you even spoke to quite a few professional packers and movers in Srinagar and now you have a handful of decent moving options that you are further inspecting in detail.
Since finding a suitable moving and selecting a worthwhile moving option out of the available lot is quite an extensive, time-consuming project, you are leaving no stone unturned to reach out to that perfect moving deal that can execute your house move no less than a cakewalk.

We understand what everyone planning a house-move undergoes and that is why have thought to share certain indispensable move advice that is sure to boost up your confidence and make you perceive the project as any other major life decision. Before we proceed, just understand that relocations can be both simple and complicated and it all depends on how the customer conducts it and what necessary steps are undertaken along the process. If the right plan is put into place and a trusted, dedicated team of packers takes charge of the task, there is absolutely nothing that can nose-dive your household relocation.

• Spend time comparing quotes: Have you ever moved before? If you have, then kindly recall the previous moving episode if you can do that and just run the advice and things you considered the last time. Do this only if those instructions came out worthwhile. The reason why we are saying this is because, when we mind the already tried and tested move advice and tactics, the chances of the move failure are nominal. You can even consider speaking to your friends, colleagues and other people in your circle who you think can assist you in your decision-making. But remember, not to take a lot of time. • Revisit the budget and inventory too: Regardless of whether you have the professionals hired on the house-moving project or not, you can always do your share of preparation. So, research amply, read all the available information given out on the internet but make sure you are not referring to invalid, unauthorized moving information but taking cues from only verified moving resources and certified portals. Check the moving inventory, the budget, and the checklists you devised last time, and see what can you modify in those lists to further improvise the move. • Make every attempt to choose the right: When it comes to relocations, what you may think is genuine and suitable for your move, may not be the one you would want to book for your move. So, just take your time to first jot down the details of your move – the kind of move you want to make, the financial constraints you have, the budget you have set aside for your move, the kind of services you are willing to opt for your move, etc. Once all of these facets are noted down, you should try refining your search by choosing only the right.

Note: In your attempt to choose the right, what is important is to choose the genuine. Moving companies that are licensed and certified, and that have acceptable and honest terms and clauses should be picked up for the move. Avoid booking scam movers who simply have an appealing website put up and nothing else worthy of relying on. • Prioritize the well-being of your belongings: With relocations, there is only one thing that is there at the back of our minds. It is how well and what all can we do to ascertain our possessions remain in good shape. Well, the foremost thing that ascertains the welfare of our possessions is how well they are packed and what kind of packing materials have been used for the purpose, there are other key factors too, playing equally important roles in determining your goods to remain safe. Like quality packing, the right kind of services, expert guidance, etc. • Implementing the correct process: When you start packing any of your articles, first determine what kind of item is it? Is it a fragile object or a bulky smooth finish good? Is it complicated, detailed stuff, or something extremely precious for reasons you cannot explain? No matter what kind of item you are packing, you must first clean it and wrap it amply with packing paper. You can try wrapping it using crumpled packing paper so that the uneven surface of the packing paper adds a certain degree of cushioning to the item. Next, add a coat of bubble wrap or foam sheet, or plastic wrap depending on the nature and type of the item. • Plan the finances appropriately: Planning relocations without planning the finances well is a definite way to nosedive your move. Relocations are one such assignment that is expensive for all authentic reasons. It is not about buying garments and groceries but about investing in a project that you know would charge you immensely at this point (regardless of how established you are) but would come to be a big source of stability in the coming years. House purchasing is indeed a worthwhile decision and if you can manage your finances while you are on your way to grab a suitable moving deal for yourself, nothing else could be better.

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Private Guest Houses and Hotels in Dharmasthala

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Planning to visit the Land of Charity, Dharmsthala is a beautiful pilgrimage site which speaks of heritage, culture and religion. Situated beside the river Nethravathi, this pilgrimage site boasts of diverse amalgamation of faith. The temple is known for its historic and religious significance. The village is home to Manjunatheshwara temple, an ode to Lord Shiva and is also quite popular for its gold lingam.

During the November – December months every year the festival of lights is celebrated, making this pilgrimage site a popular destination among travelers. Now if you are all booked and need some help with accommodation, have a look at our hand- picked selection of hotels.

There are multiple ways to reach Dharamsthala by road, by train and by air. There are KSRTC buses to reach from across the state, while Mangalore is the nearest station. To fly by air you can connect to the Mangalore Airport.

How to book your next accommodation in Dharamstahala?

To book your hotel, the first thing is to filter hotels based on distance to the pilgrimage site. Secondly check out the traveler ratings and amenities offered by the hotel. There are diverse options available from Five Star, Four Star to Hill Top Resorts and budget friendly hotels. Some of the most popular resorts are a great place for relaxing and site seeing with multiple amenities at hand from wi-fi to restaurants and activities planned for you around the day.

If you are a wanderer, then check out the local spots nearby to your hotel and then decide your place of stay.

Additionally, you could always book rooms at the facility offered by the Shridharmsthala. The booking for these open 20 days prior to the date. Now let’s dive into some of the norms to follow:
You can only book 4 rooms at a time and the booked rooms are not transferrable
All preferences can be suggested at the arrival.
Darshan arrangements are not the responsibility of the Guest house authority

While some of the cons of these facilities include no cooking inside the room and no room service is available. But if you want a simple affordable environment, this is the best solution.

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What kind of label is used in Garments? Opinion from Golden Fabtex, one of India’s best Garment lab

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You might be wrong if you consider labels as functional components of a garment. Not only as a functional component, it is also essential for several reasons. Some common labels found in garments are Size labels, Brand labels, Care labels, Flag labels, Manufacturer codes, Line mark labels, and special labels. If you look at each label, they have different purposes, and most significantly, each label carries necessary information. Golden Fabtex, one of the best garment label manufacturers in India, can guide you to understand most of the common labels used in garments.

Size label

Size label indicates a specific set of measurements of a human body. It is completely upon the customers because they know which size suits them well. The size labels may be printed with only one specific letter to identify a certain size. Let’s pick an example. If S, M, L, or XL are written in a garment, they define the size of the garment. As S denotes Small, M denotes Medium, and L denotes Large, where the XL size indicates the extra large size.

Brand label
A brand label works as a mental satisfaction parameter for a customer. A brand Label is one of the most important labels to define a brand name or logo. It is associated with the quality of the product. Brand labels play a vital role because the brand name is important for some customers; some customers know the brand and shop the brand, and a well-highlighted brand label increases the product’s sales.

Care label

Being one of India’s best garment label manufacturers, Golden Fabtex knows the importance of Care labels. It is a label that includes wash care and ironing instruction. The purpose of using the label is very significant. It is used to educate the wearers on what to avoid during washing, drying, and ironing to maintain color. The shrinkage and color bleeding issues arise after washing when you use printed designs. Much information is also attached to care labels, such as fiber contents, origin country, and other additional information.

Flag label

A flag label is a small label attached to the outside seam. Flag labels are often made with Brand Logos, which act like a product’s design feature.

Manufacturer label

The buyers give manufacturer codes on the label. If you look at the international buyers, they shop for garments from different places and distribute them worldwide. When buyers need to track the manufacturer or a certain product, they often use the code. Manufacturer code could be very effective for the buyers.

Line mark label

Line mark label defines the sewing line or the batch that made the certain garment. It also rectifies the line which had made the garment and identifies the checker which checked the same. The buyers or the brands don’t ask about the label normally. Few garment manufacturers attach Line mark labels to the internal quality inspection process. Manufacturers attach the label at the side seam under the wash care label.

Special label

Special labels are used to draw customer attraction. When a customer purchases a product, this label can be very effective. 100% organic cotton is a perfect example of a special label.

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Choosing the right Industrial Heaters in Bangalore

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ELECTRON Systems has started producing high-quality Industrial Heaters in Bangalore because of its considerable knowledge and experience in the industrial heaters industry. There are many KW levels and capacities for these air heaters. These air heaters come in various designs, including Finned Strip Heaters and Tubular Air Heaters. These are created and constructed using premium materials, including nickel chrome and SS 304.

How to Choose a Commercial Heater?

Numerous applications for industrial heaters exist. Heat is employed in drying procedures to produce steam, which evaporates moisture from materials. Additionally, the production of many other goods, such as concrete and asphalt, requires industrial heaters.

Here, you will see how to choose the best industrial heating element for your needs and selecting the right kind of heater for your project.

Commercial Heaters

Industrial heaters convert thermal energy from fuel or another energy source into that energy in a closed environment, process stream, or system. The process by which thermal energy is transferred from an energy source to a system is known as heat transfer.

Industrial heating elements are the most crucial parts of any industrial heating system. No matter the application, choosing the right industrial heating element will boost efficiency and save time and money.

Important Inquiries to Make When Choosing an Industrial Heater

Ask the right questions to acquire the necessary data before you purchase a heater. These inquiries should centre on the best methods for heating the solid, liquid, or gas in your industrial process and the heating components needed to get those outcomes. Some of the most crucial factors to take into account are as follows:

What type of heat source ought to be used?
What temperature should your heating element operate at?
What kind of control are you looking for?
What voltage is the bare minimum?
What is the anticipated duration of the heating element’s operation?
You’ll be able to make a speedier and more educated purchase if you know the answers to these questions in advance.

Applications for Different Industrial Heaters

Buyers should consider the qualities of various heater types when purchasing industrial heaters. Industrial heaters are available in various combinations, sizes, and shapes. Some of the most typical types are as follows:

An air heater

Examples of this type of heater include forced air appliances, space heaters, and radiators.

Rotational Heaters

Warming moving, flowing, or circulating fluid streams are done with circulation heaters. As the fluid flows through the heater, it warms.

HVAC Systems

Duct heaters warm the moving air or gas that travels through a duct.

Adaptable heaters

Flexible heaters can be shaped to heat a certain shape.

Heaters for Immersion

Such a heater needs to be inserted into the material it is heating.

Space heaters

The best solution for small rooms is a space heater. In general, they are safe to use, non-emitting, and portable.

Industrial heaters are crucial in various industrial applications, such as annealing, heat treating, curing/tempering, drying, melting, and OEM/custom heating. Long-term safety, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency benefit from selecting the proper heater for the task.

Ready to Choose an Industrial Heater?

One of the biggest providers and manufacturers of industrial heaters in Bangalore, India, is us. Since more than 20 years ago, Electron Systems has specialized in manufacturing industrial heaters, temperature controllers, thermocouples, sensors, and other products. Ceramic heaters, mica band heaters, cartridge heaters, bobbin heaters, manifold heaters, air heaters, tubular heaters, oil immersion heaters, cast-in heaters, coil heaters, infrared heaters, and more are among the industrial heaters we provide. Behind the company are several driven individuals who work incredibly hard to bring innovative ideas to market so that you may buy the greatest items for the lowest costs. These individuals include testers, designers, product developers, and others.

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Things to look for in Office chairs suppliers in Bangalore

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One of the most important additions to office furniture is the chairs. A good set of chairs ensures the employees’ comfort and the workplace’s appearance. On top of everything, the quality matters the most! All these aspects make it important to plump for the best office chairs suppliers in Bangalore. With the best manufacturers, you can get sturdy top-of-the-line chairs that offer good back support to the employees while complementing the establishment’s interior. So what qualities should you find in the suppliers? Let’s find them out below!


The first and probably the topmost attribute to check in the supplier is reputation. A well-reputed chair manufacturer possessing records of supplying quality products and flawless after-sales service will be a great choice. Also, ensure that your chosen supplier has an extensive distribution network so that you can easily replace its parts if necessary.

Product testing

Employees can hardly focus on their roles and duties unless they feel comfortable with their chairs. It could impact the workflow, creating delays in the deadlines. What if you get to know that the chairs are not fitting well after making all the purchases? This particular problem mostly arises when you order online.

To avoid such an ordeal, enquire the Office chairs suppliers in Bangalore whether they would let you test your employees’ compatibility with the chairs. If they do so, mark them as your safest bet!

The warranty period and the quality of the products

You could save money by investing in cheap options, but if you think carefully, it will drain more money from your pocket. A low-quality chair needs replacement every one to two years. But the ones that are of top-notch quality and offer a 5 to 10 years warranty are the best to purchase.

So, your next goal is to check the standard and compliance of a specific company’s manufactured products and, simultaneously, look over the warranty period. If both the aspects meet your requirement, ask for a quote from them immediately! Generally, a product is considered safe when the materials are:

Customer support

Suppliers who support customer-friendly practices are the best! When manufacturers try to understand your customized requirements, recommend the products that fit your needs, and deal with you with a friendly approach are your best-fit choice. The friendly behavior should also cover the return of defective products and after-sales support.

How to choose the best office chair supplier?

With the rising demand for office chairs, increase the number of suppliers. And it’s pretty tough to choose one among the vast sea of options. So, First, take 3 to 4 references from different chair manufacturers and then shortlist them by applying the tips mentioned above. Additionally, talk to them and ask for quotes. After that, compare the quotes and determine which supplier offers the best quality products at a reasonable price. This way, you can easily choose the best supplier effortlessly.

It can be hectic to dig into the market and find trustworthy office chairs suppliers in Bangalore amid your busy schedule. Instead of making such hard efforts, get your office chair from us!

We, at Devatha Industries, provide your office chairs in bulk. Our chairs have a sophisticated appearance with an adjustable backrest and armrest. Before manufacturing our chairs, we run market research to find out the most comforting height, width, and depth of chairs.

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