Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs – Legal Nurse Consulting Jobs Explained

There are many different types of career options for registered nurses, including legal nurse consultant jobs. The legal nurse consultant job description is basically that of an experienced registered nurse with specialized CLNC training who can consult with clients about the various aspects of medical-related cases. Today there are many consultant degrees that revolve around this profession. Although a Bachelor of Science in Nursing is not technically required, many students get this degree before becoming registered nurses and training to become Certified Legal nurse consultants, for which there are various online and campus-based programs.

Jobs Description

It is important for many attorneys to work with a legal nurse expert from time to time. Though they are experts in the field of law, lawyers are not typically trained to read medical records or understand the terminology and subtleties of healthcare issues that may affect their clients. This consulting job is very much in demand and can be quite lucrative. Attorneys may be willing to pay as much as $150 an hour for the services of an experienced CLNC that can offer expertise in the health and medical field.

Attorneys are the biggest clients for these types of consultants, both on the plaintiff and defense side, but there are many other types of clients you might work for as a CLNC. Insurance companies, healthcare facilities, government agencies and private corporations may all need to hire a legal nurse advisor from time to time. It may seem odd that a private corporation would need someone who fits this job description, but it can be quite necessary when developing corporate strategies for quality assurance, risk identification and management, evaluation and control of loss exposure.

However, the degree regarding this profession should come from accredited colleges, universities or technical schools. You must become a registered nurse and pass certification exams before you can begin working in this field. Once you start one of the many legal nurse consultant jobs, this effort will be more than worthwhile, though, as this is a lucrative career that is in demand.

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