Private Guest Houses and Hotels in Dharmasthala

Planning to visit the Land of Charity, Dharmsthala is a beautiful pilgrimage site which speaks of heritage, culture and religion. Situated beside the river Nethravathi, this pilgrimage site boasts of diverse amalgamation of faith. The temple is known for its historic and religious significance. The village is home to Manjunatheshwara temple, an ode to Lord Shiva and is also quite popular for its gold lingam.

During the November – December months every year the festival of lights is celebrated, making this pilgrimage site a popular destination among travelers. Now if you are all booked and need some help with accommodation, have a look at our hand- picked selection of hotels.

There are multiple ways to reach Dharamsthala by road, by train and by air. There are KSRTC buses to reach from across the state, while Mangalore is the nearest station. To fly by air you can connect to the Mangalore Airport.

How to book your next accommodation in Dharamstahala?

To book your hotel, the first thing is to filter hotels based on distance to the pilgrimage site. Secondly check out the traveler ratings and amenities offered by the hotel. There are diverse options available from Five Star, Four Star to Hill Top Resorts and budget friendly hotels. Some of the most popular resorts are a great place for relaxing and site seeing with multiple amenities at hand from wi-fi to restaurants and activities planned for you around the day.

If you are a wanderer, then check out the local spots nearby to your hotel and then decide your place of stay.

Additionally, you could always book rooms at the facility offered by the Shridharmsthala. The booking for these open 20 days prior to the date. Now let’s dive into some of the norms to follow:
You can only book 4 rooms at a time and the booked rooms are not transferrable
All preferences can be suggested at the arrival.
Darshan arrangements are not the responsibility of the Guest house authority

While some of the cons of these facilities include no cooking inside the room and no room service is available. But if you want a simple affordable environment, this is the best solution.

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