What kind of label is used in Garments? Opinion from Golden Fabtex, one of India’s best Garment lab

You might be wrong if you consider labels as functional components of a garment. Not only as a functional component, it is also essential for several reasons. Some common labels found in garments are Size labels, Brand labels, Care labels, Flag labels, Manufacturer codes, Line mark labels, and special labels. If you look at each label, they have different purposes, and most significantly, each label carries necessary information. Golden Fabtex, one of the best garment label manufacturers in India, can guide you to understand most of the common labels used in garments.

Size label

Size label indicates a specific set of measurements of a human body. It is completely upon the customers because they know which size suits them well. The size labels may be printed with only one specific letter to identify a certain size. Let’s pick an example. If S, M, L, or XL are written in a garment, they define the size of the garment. As S denotes Small, M denotes Medium, and L denotes Large, where the XL size indicates the extra large size.

Brand label
A brand label works as a mental satisfaction parameter for a customer. A brand Label is one of the most important labels to define a brand name or logo. It is associated with the quality of the product. Brand labels play a vital role because the brand name is important for some customers; some customers know the brand and shop the brand, and a well-highlighted brand label increases the product’s sales.

Care label

Being one of India’s best garment label manufacturers, Golden Fabtex knows the importance of Care labels. It is a label that includes wash care and ironing instruction. The purpose of using the label is very significant. It is used to educate the wearers on what to avoid during washing, drying, and ironing to maintain color. The shrinkage and color bleeding issues arise after washing when you use printed designs. Much information is also attached to care labels, such as fiber contents, origin country, and other additional information.

Flag label

A flag label is a small label attached to the outside seam. Flag labels are often made with Brand Logos, which act like a product’s design feature.

Manufacturer label

The buyers give manufacturer codes on the label. If you look at the international buyers, they shop for garments from different places and distribute them worldwide. When buyers need to track the manufacturer or a certain product, they often use the code. Manufacturer code could be very effective for the buyers.

Line mark label

Line mark label defines the sewing line or the batch that made the certain garment. It also rectifies the line which had made the garment and identifies the checker which checked the same. The buyers or the brands don’t ask about the label normally. Few garment manufacturers attach Line mark labels to the internal quality inspection process. Manufacturers attach the label at the side seam under the wash care label.

Special label

Special labels are used to draw customer attraction. When a customer purchases a product, this label can be very effective. 100% organic cotton is a perfect example of a special label.

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